Portable Electrotherapy

Portable electrotherapy equipment such as Iontophoresis devices and muscle stimulators are essential for all physical therapists and clinicians working with patients in the home or between different treatment rooms. Our DC/AC Point Portable Muscle Stimulator is the perfect solution for portable electrotherapy. This unit offers treatment and evaluation of muscle dysfunction that is caused by C.N.S. disorders. This is typically used for controlling muscle spasms as well as muscle re-education. The MaxTens 1000 Muscle Stimulator can help all patients stop pain caused by an injury or medical condition. This device uses a pulsating action to soothe areas through electrotherapy. This device works on battery power to deliver portable electrotherapy. Our Bakwel “Over the Counter” TENS Device is one of the best products for relieving lower back pain without a doctor's prescription. This is a portable solution for sore and achy muscles due to strain or overuse. The Biostim INF Portable Muscle Stimulator Uses it new generation technology and comes with the re-preprogramed sweeps of 1 to10 Hz, 80 to150 Hz And 1-150 Hz. The unit features four frequency shifts to give patients the desired treatment needed through portable electrotherapy. This unit also comes with a carrying case as well as instructions and a three year limited warranty. See our entire product line for more information.