Lumbar / Back Belts & Supports

Lumbar supports are vital after back injuries or surgery. Our lumbar support products and lumbar support belts will get you back on your feet in no time. The Dual Pull Elastic Criss-Cross Lumbosacral Belt is a comfortable, sturdy lumbar support designed to prevent muscle strain and spasms. Our Criss Cross Controlled Lumbar Supports have overlapping abdominal straps that give the user exceptional abdominal and lumbar support. The Triple Pull Elastic Lumbar Supports offer 10 inch high back papers to a 6 inch front. This unit is made out of elastic construction and is flexible enough to prevent rolling while providing compression. Our Medic-Air Inflatable Lumbar Roll is a lumbar support cushion that is filled with air to give users an adjustable support while in cars or sitting in a chair. The Bakrest 16 Lumbar Supports are one of our more advanced models and is designed for better airflow through new materials. This unit has resistant elastic straps with a solid buckle that increases the resistance in both sides of the unit. Our Abdominal Binders can be used as a lumbar support belt as well as a rib belt to offer comfort through a multi-tiered plush elastic contour. Look through our entire inventory to find a lumbar support specific to your needs.