Hand and Wrist Exercise Supplies

Hand therapy is essential for rehabilitation and building the muscles in the hand back up after an injury. Our E-Z Exer-Board uses seven resistive rollers in order to provide wrist flexion and tension. This hand therapy equipment tool can also be used for forearm supination and pronation, as well as resistive finger flexion, extension and lateral pretension. The Cando Theraputty Exercise Material comes color-coded by resistance and is designed to meet a wide range of strengthening exercises. This putty can be stretched, squeezed, twisted or pinched in order to build the muscles of the hand. Our Xtensor Finger Exercisers represents a breakthrough in handheld strengthening and can be used with either hand. This is a vital tool for physical therapists treating patients that are recovering from tennis elbow or other injuries to the wrist and hands. The Cando Digi-Flex Hand Exerciser is a portable solution that can be used to develop isolated finger strength as well as flexibility and coordination throughout the entire forearm or hand. Our Thera-band Flexbar comes with a rigid surface that is used for forearm, wrist and hand rehabilitation as well as upper extremity stabilization and neuromuscular re-education. For information on specific needs as well as pricing on our hand therapy equipment, see our full line of hand therapy products below. SUBCATEGORIES
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