Mother-To-Be Maternity Support (without Insert)

Mother-To-Be Maternity Support  (without Insert)

The Mother-To-Be Maternity Support is designed to help shift the weight of the baby to the spine as well as to help restore correct shoulder posture.  Pinching the sciatic nerve is a common cause of back pain during pregnancy. This maternity support eliminates the risk of pinching the nerve by the transferring the weight to the strong spinal vertebrae. 

The heavily cushioned pad is specially shaped to provide lift for the growing belly while causing no abdominal compression. 

Maternity support belts also help distribute weight evenly over the pelvic bones, reducing the pain commonly experienced by mother-to-be as tendons and ligaments stretch and soften. 

If the mother-to-be has a history of previous back pain, is carrying multiple babies, or is just in a lot of pain currently, the Maternity Support will provide immediate and effective relief. 

Consult the chart below with your dress size from before pregnancy to determine the proper size Support for you.  The Mother-To-Be Maternity Support expands with you throughout your pregnancy. 

Dress size

Support size

3 to 8


9 to 14


15 to 18


19 to 21


22 to 26


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080288 Small 3 to 8 Dress Size $35.94
080289 Medium 9 to 14 Dress Size $35.94
080290 Large 15 to 18 Dress Size $35.94
080291 X-Large 19 to 21 Dress Size $40.08
080292 XX-Large 22 to 26 Dress Size $43.68