Airex Corona Exercise Mats

Airex Corona Exercise Mats

Airex Corona Exercise Mat – Blue

When you’re working on rehabilitating a patient (especially those with back problems), the worst thing you can possibly do is ask them to lie down on a hard, unforgiving floor. However, you can ask them to take a seat on this Airex Corona Exercise Mat – Blue. The superb cushioning allows clients the comfort of durable, no-slip padding on what would typically be an unpleasant surface to exercise on.

Available in a range of colors and sizes, this one is blue and 39-inches by 72-inches. The Airex Corona Exercise Mat – Blue makes working out easier! You can instill the benefits of yoga or Pilates while teaching your patients about strength and support.

Made from closed-cell PVC foam, the Airex Corona Exercise Mat – Blue is  hygienic and hypoallergenic for a wide range of clients. Each mat lies flat and can be easily rolled up to stow away – and the mats will still be completely flat without folds when you roll them back out for exercising.

To clean, use a damp cloth with a mild disinfectant and allow to air dry.

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