Orthopedic Supports and Supplies

Electro-Medical carries a broad selection of orthopedic supplies and orthopedic medical supplies to suit the needs of therapists, general practitioners and rehabilitation facilities. Our product selection of orthopedic supplies includes cervical collars, ankle supports, elbow supports, seat supports, support pillows, foot supports, lumbar roles, lumbar support cushions and maternity support belts. The Powerstep ProTech Full Length Pro Insoles are our best selling insoles and provide strong, medical grade polypropylene to support the feet throughout the day. The D-Core Cervical Pillow has a patented D shape in the center to gently support the neck and head during sleep. This pillow is the perfect solution for patients that commonly experience ailments during their sleep patterns. Our Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lift is made of 1/8 inches of neoprene rubber with a layer of leather on the top and can be used with all shoes. The Radial Tennis Elbow Support with Pad features an elastic strap as well as a wide pad to relieve pressure on the forearm and elbow during sports or throughout the day. The Bakrol 2.5 Demi Lumbar Roll is designed to give better airflow throughout the unit while supporting the back during car rides or while sitting in a chair. The Patella Tracker Knee Brace As a lateral pad control insert that is constructed of material designed to adjust throughout use. Navigate through our entire product line of orthopedic supplies in order to find the item you need.