IontoPatch Wireless Iontophoresis System

The IonoPatch 80 Transdermal Drug Delivery System is a non-invasive system that utilizes an extended time-released electronic iontophoretic drug delivery device, the IonoPatch. The system has a self-contained battery that delivers a low-level electric current. As it does, the current carries drug molecules to the underlying tissue of the skin. Once the proper dosage of drug has been delivered the system automatically shuts down. Remove the single-use disposable patch and toss it in the trash. It’s that simple.

This physical therapy equipment was designed specifically for the physical medicine and rehabilitation market. It is used mostly as an on-site piece of electrotherapy equipment by physical and occupational therapists as well as sports medicine professionals.


  • No charging station required
  • Wrappable and weight-bearing
  • Designed to treat most anatomical areas such as the elbow, the knees, wrists and feet
  • Average wear time is 14-hours

Physical therapy professionals have been utilizing the IonoPatch 80 Transdermal Drug Delivery System since the spring of 2001. It has proven itself to be a reliable, easily-transportable, effective system. This drug delivery system is eligible for billing under the current iontophoretic code. It’s the perfect addition to the IontoPatch family of treatment products.

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SKU: Model Type Avg Wear Time Price Quantity
026501 IontoPatch 80 80 mA-min Dosage 14 hours $50.40
026502 IontoPatch SP 40 mA-min Dosage 14 hours $50.40
026503 IontoPatch STAT 80 mA-min Dosage 4 hours $57.60
090359 IontoPatch Extra-Strength 120 mA-min Dosage 8 hours $69.60