Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

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  • $275.99


Need to be able to get accurate grip strength readings without your patient being able to tell how hard they're gripping?  The 200 lb. Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is designed to do exactly that, with a readout that stays until the unit is physically reset and can be programmed to read in either pounds or kilograms.  The handle has up to five adjustable positions for maximum patient comfort and performance when performing strength tests, no matter what the patient's hand size is.  The Hand Dynamometer follows guidelines consistent with the published Baseline and Jamar studies to indicate results and is used by therapists and practitioners worldwide. 

The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer comes with a 3 year warranty and a hard-shell plastic carrying case for optimum protection of your investment. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Tests hand strength up to 200 pounds
  • Standard 2 ½ inch dial size