K-Tape® Elastic Therapeutic Kinesiology Tape

Discover the benefits of using K-Tape® in your Practice!

For a product offering the highest therapeutic benefits, discover the one used and recommended by the International K-Taping Academy. K-Tape® is non-allergenic, water resistant and breathable.

Benefits of K-Tape® - Carefully Selected Raw Materials

• Physiobond Adhesive applied in a clinically proven wave pattern enables K-Tape to adhere effectively for up to 7 days without skin irritation.

• Pure Premium Cotton from a single source guarantees homogenous thread density for knot-free manufacturing and comfortable wear.

• Elastane Thread of the highest quality ensures consistent elasticity equivalent to that of human muscles.

• Fabric Dyes certified to be non-toxic and gentle pose no risk to skin health even when K-Tape is worn for extended periods of time.

• Backing Paper with correctly oriented fibers and other characteristics necessary for reliable functionality and stability is standard with K-Tape®

Benefits of K-Tape® Specialized Manufacturing

• Clean, Straight Cut guarantees better adhesion and duration of wear. Following a meticulous process and using high-quality tools gives K-Tape® the best cut possible to prevent fraying.

• PreStretch enables K-Tape® to always be pulled off the backing paper with the ideal amount of tension. Its handling feels the same every time you use it.

• Sustainable Practices prevent production and packaging waste, conserve resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The outer packaging consists solely of paper and cardboard. No plastic sockets or plastic backing materials are used in the rolls.

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SKU: Type Size Color Price Quantity
K100103 EA Single Roll 2 in. x 16.4 ft Beige $11.95
K100104 EA Single Roll 2 in. x 16.4 ft Black $11.95
K100102 EA Single Roll 2 in. x 16.4 ft Blue $11.95
K100101 EA Single Roll 2 in. x 16.4 ft Red $11.95
K100163 Bulk Roll 2 in. x 72.2 ft Beige $49.95
K100164 Bulk Roll 2 in. x 72.2 ft Black $49.95
K100162 Bulk Roll 2 in. x 72.2 ft Blue $49.95
K100161 Bulk Roll 2 in. x 72.2 ft Red $49.95