GelShot Ultrasound Coupling Discs

RichMar GelShot provides a no-mess, high outcome solution to therapy treatments. Therapist no longer have to clean-up ultrasound gel and messy applicators after treatment. The therapist is also ensuring an effective treatment with superior coupling, because GelShot provides consistent gel thickness every time with zero air bubbles. With ultrasound, gel bubbles are common, causing cavitation and impeding ultrasound beam, ultimately compromising the efficacy of the treatment.

The unique GelShot is easily inserted in to the GelShot Ultrasound Adapter (Sold separately) which allows the therapist 360 degree of applicator mobility. The dosage control will not only save your clinic money, but you will get a better treatment outcome.

Challenges with Traditional ultrasound treatments?

Bulk Ultrasound Gel Storage:
Bulk containers that can potentially harbor pathogens can be vehicles to transmit diseases when contaminated ultrasound gel is transferred to smaller bottles and used on patients.

Uneven distribution of ultrasound gel:
Traditional ultrasound gel can spread unevenly on skin surface to provide an inconsistent delivery of therapeutic treatment.

Questionable treatment outcomes:
Conventional ultrasound gels require clinicians to scoop and redistribute, uncoupling the applicator, and distracting them from focusing purely on the treatment outcomes.

Patient and Treatment Cleanup:
Cleaning the patients well as any gel that dripped off the patient increases laundry cost and unnecessary inconvenience.

Superior Coupling Performances:
Consistent dosage and optimal thickness with no air bubbles allow for flawless coupling that results in increase in tissue temperature.

Better Contact….Better Outcomes:
Patented design allows therapist to keep the ultrasound applicator in contact with the patient at all times. This product eliminates the need to scoop and clean excess gel.

No Mess or Discomfort:
Single use, semi-solid technology makes clean up simple by eliminating the mess on patients and in the facility.


Gelshot comes in three sizes to fit different applicators.

  • 2CM (Compatible with 2cm soundheads) - (96/Box)
  • 5CM (Compatible with 5cm soundheads) - (96/Box)
  • 10CM (Compatible with 10cm soundheads) - (48/Box)

Each GelShot is individually wrapped in a hermetically sealed blister pack, lessening the possiblity of contamination or bacteria. GelShot must be used in conjunction with a GelShot UltraSound Adaptor

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