LidoFlex Lidocaine Pain Relieving Patches

LidoFlex Lidocaine Pain Relieving Patches
New LidoFlex Starter Pack

The LidoFlex Starter Pack offers you a great way to try out all six of the LidoFlex extermity specific applications at a great price. Plus, you get two packs of MultiStim stimulation electrodes to try, absolutely free!

Contains 12 LidoFlex Patches
Two of each:

  • Back
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Heel/Cervical
  • Knee
  • Flex Strip
  • + 2 Free packs of MultiStim Electrodes

The revolutionary LidoFlex® Pain Relief Patch has set a new industry standard in delivering targeted temporary pain relief. It contains the highest percentage of lidocaine currently available on the market (4% lidocaine) without a prescription required. It is available only through Health Professionals.
For today’s physiotherapists and trainers, this new approach to relief delivery is critically important and efficient. Traditional therapies include drug infusion through iontophoresis, which requires physician prescription, is costly and inconvenient for the patient. LidoFlex eliminates the need for an RX and enables the patient to conveniently absorb the lidocaine relief through the skin via the extremity-specific patches. Lidocaine has an established, successful history as a commonly used anesthetic with a well-known safety profile around the world.

Ease of Use
LidoFlex can be used in pain management programs for the temporary relief of pain due to its unique form-fitting, extremity-specific shapes. The LidoFlex patch can be easily applied in seconds, cut to the exact size needed and it will stay securely in place under clothes and in water.

Targeted Usage
LidoFlex’s topical patch design effectively targets the specific pain area through deliberate and localized delivery of lidocaine. The result is a consistent, isolated effect that delivers a cooling sensation, followed by penetrating relief. LidoFlex provides the same delivery of medication with each application as compared to ointments.

Simple Application
Maintaining its form and adhesion over a specific pain site is one of the reasons LidoFlex has become the Healthcare Professional’s choice for active patients.

Flexible and Versatile
LidoFlex is easy to apply due to the various shapes and sizes available. It can be applied to the knee, shoulder, neck, elbow, finger, or heel, as well as a versatile flex strip version, which can be applied where needed.

Unique Adhesive Properties
LidoFlex uses a special adhesive fomula that makes it pressure sensitive, heat sensitive and waterproof. It may easily be worn under clothes, during exercise, bathing or swimming.

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