Game Ready Ice Machine

Game Ready Ice Machine
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The Game Ready Ice Machine includes a version 2.1 Control Unit, 6 ft. connector hose, and an AC adapter. Wraps and accessories are sold separately.

A complete RICE regimen solution (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). The Game Ready Ice Machine is perfect for those who seek professional grade therapeutic relief through active cold compression therapy. No more leaking ice packs and wrapped bandages that don't stay in place! The Game Ready Control Unit allows for a fully customizable therapeutic experience making highly effective cold compression therapy available for anyone. Whether you're an athlete, orthopedic patient, or recovering from a musculoskeletal injury, the Game Ready System provides the relief you need.

How does it work?

You simply fill the Game Ready unit with ice and water. Attach the appropriate Game Ready Wrap. Select your pressure and time setting preferences, power on and that's it! The control unit continuously circulates the cold water throughout the garment wrap and pneumatically applies compression to the desired extremity. Get ready to experience cold compression relief that pro athletes and doctor recommended patients have learned to love!

"The Game Ready System is the most effective solution for aching athletes and recovering orthopedic patients. Cold therapy is proven to reduce pain and swelling, but the Game Ready System amplifies the body's recovery efforts with simultaneous active compression."

Game Ready Ice Machine makes therapy simple.


Multiple Compression Settings. Three different compression settings to choose from:

  • High Setting (5 to 75 mm Hg): around 2 to 3 minutes of inflation and 1 minute of deflation
  • Medium Setting (5 to 50 mm Hg): around 2 to 3 minutes of inflation and 1 minute of deflation
  • Low Setting (5 to 15 mm Hg): around 4 to 5 minutes of inflation and 1 minute of deflation
  • No compression

Treatment Time Management. The game ready ice machine includes a built-in digital timer for simple cold compression cycling.

  • For a particular treatment cycle, the digital timer can be set up to 95 minutes. When the specific time has lapsed, the control unit shuts off automatically.
  • The system can also be set to run nonstop for up to 190 minutes.

Transportability. The Game Ready System is portably designed to meet the needs of its active user. It can be easily transported from the clinic to a patient's home. For athletes, it can be easily shared between teammates. The Carry Bag accessory makes portability even more viable and protects the unit as well.

Built Durable. The Game Ready unit is built with impact resistant plastic for endurance and continuity.

Easy Care. The Game Ready System can be easily cleaned with a mild disinfectant.

Orthopedic Doctors/Surgeons:

The Game Ready Ice Machine can be prescribed to your patients as part of their rehabilitation program. The Game Ready System can be rented out to patients, providing another revenue source for your practice.

Physical Therapists:

The Game Ready System administers the two most critical elements of the RICE regimen, ice and compression. The Game Ready unit can be utilized as an in-clinic device and provide active cold compression treatment during patient sessions.

Athletic Trainers:

The Game Ready Ice Machine can supplement athletes' recovery efforts and literally get them Game Ready. The unit can be used on multiple athletes at once with the dual connector hose accessory. Its portability allows for easy administration at home or on the road. The athletic trainer can assign specific treatment programs for particular athletes' needs with strict time intervals and compression intensity options.

Boost the body's ability to recover with Game Ready.

Your patients expect first-rate care when they walk into your clinic for treatment. Whether your patient has sustained a muscle tissue injury or seeks post-surgery rehabilitation, the Game Ready System will best cater their recovery.

RICE 2.0 Professionals commonly advise the use of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, strong>Elevation) for muscle injuries and post-operation therapy. Previously, the ice and compression aspects were the most difficult to administer. The Game Ready Ice Machine not only alleviates this difficultly, it deeply enhances the RICE process with active cold compression. Progress-oriented therapy at its best!

Extremely Convenient. Offering feasible portability, the Game Ready Control Unit can be operated virtually anywhere. Patients different particular needs can be accommodated with Game Ready's fully customizable unit. By a spin of a dial and a push of a button, patients will receive premium treatment.

Comfortable and Ergonomic. Game Ready adjustable wraps are designed to ergonomically fit a variety of body parts. Their flexible fabric and velcro straps allow for various size adjustments.

How does Game Ready compare to other Cryotherapy Units?

  • Ergonomic wraps are highly adjustable and allow for complete extremity coverage.
  • Cold fluid circulates the affected area while simultaneous compression is actively applied.
  • Temperature and compression intensity can be easily adjusted.

Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Warning: The purchase of a Game Ready System from a third party website, such as a public auction site, or through any private third party individual should be approached with caution. Game Ready is a prescription device whose use is regulated by U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. Sellers are required to sell such devices only to individuals qualified to purchase prescription devices (eg, health care professionals). While sellers are also required to confirm the condition of such devices, because there is no way to verify the condition of devices purchased from any of those sources identified above, the warranty for devices purchased from such sites or parties cannot be honored and will be void.