Hydraulic Adjustable Stand-In Table

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Helping your patients to stand is crucial to their health and well-being. Standing is something that many people take for granted. However, for patients who are stricken to wheelchairs or bedridden, standing has become somewhat of a luxury. Not ensuring that your patients spend an adequate amount of time in a standing position can lead to a number of different health issues, including joint contractures, pressure sores, lung infections, kidney infections and osteoporosis.

Physical therapy standing tables like this hydraulic adjustable stand-in table help patients go from a sitting position in their wheelchair to a standing position with the greatest of ease. A standing table supports your patient in a full upright position with a solid frame. The padded strut in the front of the standing work table for the knees effectively keeps them extended, while the gate and belt behind their hips will prevent flexing.

The Hausmann Industries hydraulic adjustable stand-in table has a number of desirable features, including:

  • Front-mounted hand activated hydraulic lift  makes it easy to adjust the table height from 41” to 58”
  • A 41” x 31” white Leather high-pressure laminate top features a 19 ½”x 17” patient cutout
  • Non-slip ramp with parallel bars to assist with lifting the patient
  • Padded knee and back support to ensure the patient is kept in a standing position
  • Secure patients with the sliding pocket door
  • Base and enclosure are laminated in natural oak

Fortunately, quality physical therapy equipment such as the hydraulic adjustable stand-in table from Hausmann Industries is available to help therapists ensure that their patients are provided with the best possible care.