Karatrode Cloth Backed Electrodes

Karatrode Cloth Backed Electrodes

Karatrode Cloth Backed Electrodes are just one in a long line of electrodes manufactured by Richmar Inc. Considered one of the leaders in physical therapy equipment, Richmar has 35 years of insight into what makes a quality piece of electrotherapy equipment, and they understand the benefits of a good quality electrode both for the clinician as well as the patient. The Karatrode Cloth Backed Electrode follows that same tradition.

The Karatrode electrodes have, as their name implies, a cloth-backed design which makes them more comfortable for the patient. These electrodes also have a minimal lead wire pullout which makes them a good choice as well. A minimal lead wire pullout also means a smoother and more time-friendly treatment process.

Adding to the Karatrode's positive features is the durable self-adhering aspect of the electrode. Slight shifting by the patient won’t cause the pads to move around on the skin’s surface which means better treatment results. These electrodes come in various sizes. They can be purchased in sizes ranging from 2” to 3” round, 2” x 2” square and 2” x 3.5” rectangle. 

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SKU: Type Quantity Size Price Quantity
NA203-336 Rectangle Case (40) 2" x 3.5" $60.00
NA203-336EA Rectangle 4 2" x 3.5" $8.00
NA203-338 Round Case (40) 3" $60.00
NA203-338EA Round 4 3" $8.00
NA203-340 Round Case (40) 2" $40.00
NA203-340EA Round 4 2" $5.00
NA203-342 Square Case (40) 2" x 2" $40.00
NA203-342EA Square 4 2" x 2" $5.00