Iomed TransQE Iontophoresis Electrodes

Iomed TransQE Iontophoresis Electrodes

When oral or intravenous drug delivery systems aren’t applicable for a patient, the Iomed TransQE Ionophoresis electrodes are the perfect alternative. These electrodes improve the efficiency of drug delivery because IOMED’s silver-silver chloride (SSC) conductor stabilizes the pH levels without the use of buffers. This allows for the drug potency and stability to remain unaffected by any changes in pH levels.

The GelSponge feature in this electrotherapy equipment gives better contact with the patient’s skin and at the same time it distributes electrical current more evenly. Likewise, the drug delivery is more uniform with minimal skin irritation. Overall, the Iomed TransQE Ionophoresis electrodes provide the patient with a more comfortable treatment which delivers better results.


  • Convenient peel-away window provides for easy-fill, no-stick handling
  • Delivers effective results in as few as 3 treatments
  • Easily applied to almost any contour while maintaining an excellent contact with wet skin


  • Approx. Fill Volume - 1.5 to 2.0cc
  • Maximum Current - 4.0mA
  • Recommended Dosage - 40mA-minutes
  • Maximum Dosage - 80mA-minutes
  • Skin Interface - GelSponge®
  • Conductive Element - Silver-Silver Chloride
  • Packaging - 12 Treatment Kits Per Carton
  • No Expiration Date

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