Electrode Sponges

Electrode Sponges

The Electrode Sponge comes in various sizes and shapes which makes them a versatile addition to any inventory of physical therapy equipment. The round electrodes can be purchased in 3” or 4” sizes, and the rectangle electrodes come in 3” x 5”, 5” x 8” or 8” x 10”. The variety of the sizes makes it much easier to accommodate the many different sizes of electrodes available on the market today.

The Electrode Sponge is designed for low-voltage detectors that have an output of less than 100VDC. Additionally, they are designed for use with thin coating, and are most reliable with coatings that aren’t in excess of 150um. For best results the Electrode sponges should be thoroughly wet in order to ensure an even distribution of electrical current.

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SKU: Type Size Price Quantity
023063 Round 3" $0.71
023064 Round 4" $1.43
023065 Rectangle 3" x 5" $1.14
023066 Rectangle 5" x 8" $1.80
023067 Rectangle 8" x 10" $3.00