Carbonflex Insulated Electrodes

Carbonflex Insulated Electrodes

The CardonFlex electrodes are very durable and are much thicker when compared to the Carbo-Stim electrodes. These non-gelled carbon electrodes have a conductive surface that is encased by an insulated non-conductive exterior. Although they are not as flexible as the traditional carbon electrodes, they offer the extra safety both patient and clinician desire.

The CarbonFlex electrodes are heavy-duty and have a low resistance to the current. Additionally, they have significantly more longevity than traditional carbon electrodes, they are insulated for safe handling by clinician, and their uniform conductivity helps to not only conserves energy but to improve the performance of the physical therapy equipment they are used with.

These electrodes require a conductive mechanism such as water or gel. A conductive spray or a wet sponge can also be used. These electrodes can be sterilized either by boiling in hot water or in an appropriate autoclave. 


  • Made in the United States of America
  • Reusable
  • Weight – 1 lb
  • More durable than traditional carbon electrodes
  • Crafted from thermally cured carbonized rubber and bonded permanently with multi color insulation
  • Appropriate for various electrotherapy application.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and shapes including 2mm pin plug connector
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SKU: Color Type Size Price Quantity
023053 Black Active Round 4" $14.34
023054 Red Active Round 4" $14.34
023057 Black Active Round 3" $13.14
023058 Red Active Round 3" $13.14
023061 Black Active Round 2" $9.54
023081 Black Active Rectangular 3" x 5" $18.00
023082 Red Active Rectangular 1.5" x 2" $5.94
023083 Black Active Rectangular 1.5" x 2" $5.94
023084 Red Active Rectangular 3" x 5" $18.00
023093 Gray Active Rectangular 5" x 8" $35.94