Richmar SuperStim Premium Electrodes

Richmar SuperStim Premium Electrodes

Keeping up with their line of top-notch electrodes, Richmar Inc. offers yet another high-quality electrode to add to their already excellent electrode line. The SuperStim Premium Electrodes, a premium electrode at a competitive price, is a self-adhering electrode that has an exclusive TABTRODE design which not only extends the gel life, but also completely eliminates lead wire pullout.

Richmar has more than 35 years of experience in electrotherapy equipment and it shows in the SuperStim Premium Electrode. These electrodes use a SilverMatrix layer located underneath the adhesive gel. This layer allows for a more uniformed distribution of electrical current over the entire surface of the electrode. Additionally, a barrier called a LEADSTAY eliminates delamination when treatment involves moist heat as well as providing the highest pull out strength for lead wires in the industry.


  • Premium 35 mil gel layers eliminates edge biting and hot spots
  • Premium Silver-Carbon construction
  • Self-adhering
  • TABTRODE design
  • Strongest lead wire pullout in the industry

Richmar holds nothing back when it comes to physical therapy equipment. The SuperStim Premium Electrode is proof of that. This electrode is yet another high-quality electrode in an already long line of excellent electrotherapy equipment.

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022220Z Foam 2" Round Case (40) $42.00
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