Acumar Dual Digital Inclinometer

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Acumar Dual Digital Inclinometer

The Acumar Dual Digital Inclinometer is the first digital inclinometer offering in the world offering wireless data capabilities. It provides objective, repeatability and accurate documentation for range of motion measurements. When purchased, the package includes the Acumar Dual Digital Inclinometer and a companion unit with connecting cable and case.

The device offers a two-inclinometer procedure and technique that will increase objectivity and simplify measurements. The Acumar Dual Digital Inclinometer can capture both angles simultaneously with the press of one button. A total of six pairs of data are allowed for recording and viewing, which increased data capture and analysis.
Features of Acumar

Advantages of choosing this product for your office inclinometer needs include:

  • Physician or examiner freed to devote attention to the exam, resulting in a more accurate assessment.
  • Wireless transmission eliminates errors in transcription and saves time.
  • Storage of measurements eliminates users from having to record between readings.

The product includes two inclinometers that are the preferred method for measuring the spine’s range of motion. The LCD display allows for easy reading and the device can cover 360 degrees. User can easily review the average, min and max readings with one button and store the readings for future reference.