Iomed Iogel Disposable Iontophoresis Electrodes

Iomed Iogel Disposable Iontophoresis Electrodes

The Iomed Logel Disposable Iontophoresis Electrodes are another advantageous breakthrough from one of the leaders in drug delivery systems. The clear design of the electrode allows the clinician to properly place it in exactly the necessary spot in order to obtain an efficient treatment. Its elliptical shape allows the electrode to follow the line of the tendon.

When oral or intravenous drug delivery techniques are applicable to a given situation, the Iontophoresis delivery system is the perfect alternative. These electrodes provide a successful and easy delivery of drugs with no painful sensations for the patient through a specialize process which combines ionized drugs and a mild electrical shock.


  • Maximum Current - 4.0mA
  • Color Coded for easy identification and proper dosage needs
  • Easily applicable
  • No Expiration Date


  • Active Area - 11.1cm2
  • Approx. Fill Volume - 1.5cc
  • Maximum Current - 4.0mA
  • Recommended Dosage - 40mA-minutes
  • Maximum Dosage - 80mA-minutes
  • Skin Interface - GelSponge
  • Conductive Element - Silver-Silver Chloride

Iomed Logel Disposable Iontophoresis Electrodes perfectly complete any physical therapy equipment inventory because they are easy to administer and provide a successful delivery every time.

  • IIES
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