Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and pilates are some of the best ways to get in shape. Yoga and Pilates exercise equipment has been used as a rehabilitation regiment for years. We offer a full product line of yoga and pilates equipment to suit your medical clinic, health club or rehabilitation facility. Our FitBall Pilates Mini Ball comes with pilates videos as well as a 9 inch Mini Ball. This ball is inflatable and great for pilates mat workouts. The Fitball Sensory Massage Balls are sold in pairs and have the ability to relieve sore muscles. These are soft, self-massage balls to give an overall self massage or to give sensor therapy. Our FitBall Body Therapy Ball comes in beginner, intermediate and advanced types. These balls are designed to increase the challenge of all pilates and yoga exercises. The Spri Cotton Yoga Strapes contain a one-piece cinch buckle to help walk a yoga pose. The strap is easily adjusted for strength exercises as well as reclined poses. For more information on all of our pilates and yoga exercise equipment, click on individual product descriptions below.
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