Massage Table Accessories

Having massage table accessories is essential to keeping your customers and patients happy. We offer a wide variety of massage table accessories including massage table sheets, massage table carts, armrest covers and the lotion holsters. Our premium cotton flannel sheet set comes with one premium fitted flat sheet, one premium fitted face rest cozy and a premium flat for the table. Our single oil and lotion holster is everything the need to keep lotion nearby during massage therapy sessions. This is recommended for the massage therapist who needs to reach and stretch in order to treat patients day after day. The Advanta Recess Fillers is the perfect solution for storing the rectangular shape of all ergonomic tabletops. This piece of equipment provides space for client's arms and is effective in increasing the massage table width. Our Biotone Face Cradle Covers can easily protect the face of your table from the harmful effects of facial oils and makeup. This is a soft, disposable cover that will provide comfort to your patient while protecting the face cradle. The Body Cushion 4 Piece System is a patented orthopedic positioner designed to improve treatment applications for your patients. Our Body Cushion Arm Rest Cover is durable and elastic fitted with 100% cotton to give your patient's comfort while protecting your arm rests. To see our entire product line of massage table accessories including massage table carts and massage table sheets, scroll below.