Traction Tables

Electro-Medical carries a wide variety of traction tables for all medical and physical therapy needs. Our ErgoWave Intersegmental Table features unique wave action as well as a roller pattern to travel up the patient's spine. The spine will be treated in all areas through three independent rollers that have repeat action every 13 seconds. These triple rollers are mounted on three axles to work and isolate the cervical, lumbar and thoracic regions of a patient's body. The Adapta TTFT-200 Fixed Height traction table comes in green, gray, white and brown. This table features two sections and a traction unit pedestal. The unit has a 350 pound weight capacity and a fixed height of 32 inches from the top to the floor. The table measures 75” x 28” and has a weight of 200 pounds. Our Adapta ADP-400 Traction Table is a friction-free gliding lumbar table and a perfect example of traction table innovation. The traction table comes in four sections and has a head and foot section that incline up to 90°. The head section has the ability to lower down to 25 inches and the entire table has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. The Armedica AM-400 Traction table comes in four different pieces and has measurements of 27” x 76” as well as an overall length of 99 inches. This is a high-quality piece of physical therapy equipment and your patients will appreciate the ease of getting onto the table as well as the comfort during examinations. For more information about our various traction tables, see our entire inventory below.