Recovery Couches

Recovery couches are vital for all physical therapy offices, medical clinics and rehabilitation sites. Our Recovery Couches with Chrome Legs comes from Clinton Industries. This couch features a dual frame construction as well as a separate base for a non-adjustable wedge headrest and an examination paper dispenser. This recovery couch is an ideal piece of physical therapy equipment and comes with a number of medical settings to help patients recuperate after injuries or surgeries. The Recovery Couch with Sliding Doors has a cabinet-style to the unit. This recovery couch comes with sliding doors and also features an adjustable pillow wedge headrest for patient comfort. This couch features 2 inch thick ultra-firm foam padding as well as a sturdy frame that is built from a 1 inch thick solid piece of plywood. This recovery couch is stain resistant and comes with woven vinyl upholstery. The unit has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Our Recovery Couch with Wooden Legs is made from a sturdy 1 inch thick piece of plywood, 2 inch ultra-firm padding and high-quality vinyl to make it one of the best recovery couches on the market. This recovery couch is essential for physical therapy patients and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. To see all of our recovery couches, click on the product descriptions below.