Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors are the norm for rehabilitation and fitness workouts. Our line of heart rate monitors and heart rate monitor watches can suit the needs of every patient. The Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor watch gives users a great piece of training equipment through coded transmissions. The EPulse Strapless Heart Rate Monitor is the world's first armband-only continuous heart rate monitor and calorimeter. While other heart rate monitors will require chest straps, this unit is completely streamlined with one device. The Polar FS3 Heart Rate Monitor Watch can turn any activity into a workout and has additional features beyond basic heart rate monitors. This is a well-rounded heart rate monitor that offers automatic age-based heart rate zones that can keep you exercising throughout rehab or fitness regiments. The Wearlink Wind Transmitter Set is the only soft transmitter to combine a fabric design as well as an electrode to pick up heart rate signals through a fabric strap. This monitor has a coded transmitter and belt set to seamlessly adapt to different body shapes for comfort. See detailed descriptions of each product by clicking below.