Pool Lifts

A pool lift is the perfect solution for getting physical therapy patients in and out of pools safely and comfortably. This type of accessibility equipment can also be used for the disabled in conjunction with aquatic wheelchairs and other related apparatuses. A swim can provide a great exercise session that encourages increased cardiovascular endurance and overall range of motion and strength, so pools are often utilized for rehabilitation and therapy for patients. Getting in and out of pools, however, can be very difficult for those who need these exercises the most. Pool lifts can provide a great solution for this. Our Automatic Inground Pool Lift can be installed within minutes to any inground pool. This lift has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds and allows patients to be lifted out of the pool in just a few seconds. This unit is portable and will roll away from the pool with no tools involved. The unit weighs 82 pounds when the seat is included and only weighs 57 pounds without the seat installed. This lift as an overall height of 6'11” when raised. The unit is lightweight, compact and easy to remove and replace with no adjustments or tools required for installation. Unlike other pool lifts, this unit requires no underwater installation as the bottom of the cylinder touches the pool wall. The unit comes with a protective vinyl liner wall pad. For technical specifications, pricing information and shipping information click on the product description below.