Ergometers are an essential part of measuring the work performed by exercising. Our APT-1 Active Passive Trainer is great for helping passive users recover from injury. This machine is designed to help people that are suffering from muscle atrophy or are confined to a wheelchair to develop muscle tone as well as improve blood circulation and stamina. Our First Degree Fitness E-920 Upper Body Ergometer is a total body conditioning device that is perfect for professional facilities because of its versatility. This unit combines a cycle ergometer with other features to give users a constant range of motion for various parts of the body. This unit also gives 20 levels of resistance at the touch of a lever. The Monark 881E Ergometer Rehabilitation Trainer is a leg and arm ergometer that allows each user to perform exercises without the supervision of a clinician. There is a control knob that adjusts the resistance on a gradual scale to provide readouts in watts as well as revolutions per minute. The Saratoga Colorado Sport Cycle offers a compact exerciser with a bidirectional mode. This unit also comes with quick exchange grips, a monitor for speed, time, distance calories and time as well as an ear clip for pulse reading. Click on individual Ergometers for more details and pricing.