Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy is one of the most effective means of regulating pain while assisting in the recovery from injuries. Our company offers the best prices for hot and cold therapy products, hot and cold therapy packs, cold therapy products and ice machines. We also offer products in compression therapy in order to suit your patient's pain. Our products are known to relieve swelling as well as limit irritation and pain throughout different injuries. Our Game Ready Ice Machine is a vital solution to delivering professional grade therapeutic relief through active cold compression therapy. The Whitehall T12M Mobile Thermalator Heating Unit provides some of the best solutions for hot therapy on the market. This unit maintains a constant water temperature for effective therapy and comfort. Our Game Ready Back Wrap is the best accompaniment to the Game Ready Ice Machine for treating back injuries. We also offer a full line of cold compression system accessories, chilling units and hot/cold packs, as well as fluidotherapy machines. See our product details below for pricing options and technical specifications.