Paraffin Baths

Paraffin baths are great way to relieve pain or stiffness in the hands, elbow or foot. We carry a diverse inventory of paraffin baths as well as paraffin bath accessories to suit all of your pain relief needs. Our Parabath Paraffin Baths are a great choice for the home or for the clinic and is ideal for relieving pain and stiffness that is due to injury or arthritis. The unit is thermostatically controlled from 125° to 130°F. The Parabath Wax Paraffin Refills are a great refill kit that comes with six bags of wax beads to give off a soft, non-greasy pliable and unscented bath for a patient. The Waxwel Paraffin Bath Wax Refills are another good choice and offers a convenient 1 pound paraffin block to be used with any paraffin unit. Each of the refills comes individually sealed in plastic bags. The Casters for Diskson Timed Sterilizing Paraffin Bath has the ability to heat to a rapid melting point or low setting for thermastatically controlled treatment temperature. The Dickson PB-104 Paraffin Baths come with finished solid hardwood moldings that are designed to give a cool rest for any arm or leg. This unit is also provided with a heated drain for removal and also includes a time controlled high heat sterilizing circuit. Click on our full product line below to get pricing information on each of our units.
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